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New York City, NY Architect Practice

Bernard Marson, an architect located in New York City, NY, has a wide range of experience in architectural design, interior design, space planning, and historic preservation. He is a contemporary architect whose modern design solutions have shown respect for historic details. Marson’s work includes commercial buildings, hotels, office buildings, factories, apartment houses, residences, renovations, and institutional buildings such as churches and medical facilities as well as a large portfolio of special projects. To each of these building types, Marson has brought individual innovative design within strict adherence to budgetary considerations.

Architectural Design

Marson's residential design practice has varied from the most simple and inexpensive of vacation homes to sophisticated skyscraper apartments and luxurious individual town houses. Architectural design of residences, by necessity, incorporates planning, furnishings, lighting and a multitude of details that add up to architecture. In every case, the finished home embodies the individual choices of the owner and the design concept of the architect.

Commercial Architecture

The illustrated examples of Marson's commercial architecture include a factory in Indiana, designed in conjunction with a master of modern design, Marcel Breuer. The office building in Soho, New York City represents an historic preservation of a nineteenth century warehouse. The prefabricated and precast concrete elements of the fašade of the suburban office building in Huntington, New York are key to the design of this structure.

The hotels designed by Marson differ vastly from one another in concept. One is an historic preservation of a landmark building from the 20's whose design required approval of local, state and federal landmark preservation authorities. The other is a modern design addition to a well-known seaside resort. In each case, the existing structures were respected and were powerful influences on the eventual design.

Marson's institutional work includes a church in New York City, built to replace a church that was demolished in the course of developing an apartment house site and a suburban building for a local union that combines its medical and administrative functions with a union meeting hall.

Apartment buildings by Marson run the gamut from attached low-rise wood townhouses to high-rise apartment towers. The theme of modern design is present throughout; modern design has often being exemplified by bringing reasonable order to the demands of housing creation. Marson has never deviated from this principle.

Marson is often engaged in special projects that defy conventional categories. Projects such as the Holocaust Memorial, the megastructure California ski area, the automated parking garage and the development of artists' residences in Soho -- as illustrated by the landmark Little Singer Building -- could not differ more from one another; but they all represent an attempt to rethink usual approaches and to achieve individual creative solutions.